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D R Squared Ltd. is actively involved in development of technical standards for railway track and infrastructure. That means that the company is also well placed to advise clients on the latest requirements set out in international technical standards and to assess technical compliance with standards and specifications.

David Rhodes is Convenor of two European Standards groups - a Working Group on standards for rail fastenings (CEN TC256/SC1/WG17) and a Task Group on Track-Bridge Interaction (CEN TC250/SC1/WG3/TG), which is drafting a CEN Technical Report on the subject to inform the next revision of the Eurocode. Dr. Rhodes also participates in British, European and International Standards committees on broader aspects of railway infrastructure and track and is responsible for liaison between European Standards Technical Committees for Civil Engineering Structures (TC250) and Railway Applications (TC256). In March 2015 Dr. Rhodes was awarded a Special Commendation by the British Standards Institute for his contribution to development of standards for railway applications..